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About Dioptrix

For over a decade, DIOPTRIX has developed reliable products that meet the needs of practitioners around the world and is now the world leader in veterinary ophthalmology.

Innovative leading company, DIOPTRIX provides intraocular lenses, dog, cat and horse’s ocular surgery and diagnostic equipment.

After two years of research and development, Dioptrix introduces HAWK EYE, the first portable digital cold light slit lamp.

This innovating technology makes you get into high resolution instant iconography wherever you travel.

Portable and provided with a long lasting running, HAWK EYE is equipped with a Lithium Ion battery even rechargeable on your vehicle thanks to the supplied car power set.

A 5W white LED gives an extremely bright cold light source, very close to the daylight (5.000 Kelvin). Filtered in infrared and ultraviolet, the emitted light, equivalent to the visible spectrum, allows very high quality images and excellent contrast results.

This unique and innovative slit lamp devoted to digital medical imaging meets with the most demanding applications in Human, Veterinary and Experimental Ophthalmology.

With HAWK EYE, get into digital ophthalmology under a new dimension.


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Veterinary, Human and Experimental Ophthalmology

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